Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Sky Broadband installer - Hardware/software requirements

If you've got an fairly old PC/laptop and try to install Sky Broadband, you might find that you can't navigate through the wizard process because it won't allow you click the buttons. This is highly annoying because without going through this process, you can't install the software to get connected to the internet. Here is a list of minimum requirements that should resolve the problem and allow you to enjoy your new service.

Software Requirements:
  • Adobe Flash Player (essential)

  • Windows Media Player (latest version)

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0

  • If you're running Windows, I would also recommend downloading all avalaible updates. Windows XP is a prime example that should be at least running Service Pack 2. Windows Media Player and the .NET framework should be bundled with some of the Windows updates so this is the easiest solution.

    Please don't quote me on these software requirements - they are just a collection of things I installed to get my sister's ancient laptop in a state where I could install Sky Broadband.

    I'll post the hardware requirements soon but they can easily be found on the box that you receive from Sky.

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