Thursday, 17 July 2008

Windows Vista Areo theme stopped working!

Make sure the theme service is still running:

  • Start > Run > 'services.msc'
  • Scroll down the list and find 'Theme'
  • Restart it by clicking the link on the left

If this doesn't bring Aero back then you'll need to re-select the theme:

  • Right click on the desktop and choose 'Personalize'
  • Choose 'Theme'
  • From the drop down list, click 'Browse' and go to 'C:\Windows\Resources\Themes'
  • Choose 'aero.theme'

You should be back in business!


Anonymous said...

Hi, i have windows home basic, and suddenly, my theme reverted form a custom one(which worked perfectly for months) to windows vista basic. I changed it to vista standard, and then did a system restore because i couldn't re-apply my old theme. (I think my system files are still patched by vista glazz to enable themes.) The system restore failed, and then, the windows changed to windows vista classic or something, and the vista basic and vista standard options are gone! in the themes section, when i select vista, it stays as classic. What can i do? Please help. My email is

Anonymous said...

hi i have exactly the same problem!!! so i went on to task manager and then it said themes- stopped. so i tried to start it again but it did not work. please help!

Andrew Gunn said...

Not sure I can help either of you!? The answer in this post was given to me by a friend, so if it doesn't work, I'm all out of ideas. Sorry chaps!

Anonymous said...

Thanks mate... just dropped by. Will look for BIKE STN when we get to Seattle. Still in Buenos Airies.